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Saturday, November 12, 2005 November 12, 2005

Posted by johnisenglish in Journalish.

I’ve been really tired for the past few days, I’m not entirely sure why. My going theory is that I haven’t been going to the gym for the past week and a half, due to the fact that I’ve got long rehearsals every day and I can’t really afford to wear myself out, and that’s causing my metabolism to go down. That possibly being the case, I intend to hit up the gym like there’s no tomorrow once the show’s over.

Overall the show’s going well. I’ve changed my solo parts a little bit so that they’re more consistent, and so that they probably look better, too. Fewer arabesques, more expressive form. It’s less Ballet, more modern. I’m having a really good time with the cast.

I’m not sure if there’s a cast party planned. If there isn’t, then I’m gonna have one at my place either Saturday or Sunday night. A show without a cast party isn’t a show at all…

I saw Cirque Du Soleil last night (for free!) and it was amazing. It was Varekai, and quite possibly the coolest series of things I’ve ever seen human beings do with their bodies. About half out cast was there, since they were handing out free tickets in the Dance Department on Thursday for that particular show, and very sadly we had to leave early to get to rehearsal. Needless to say, it seemed very anti-climactic to go from Cirque Du Soleil to our piece…

Tonight I’m going with Christina from Ballet and the Dance Concert to see a NCDT modern production down town. It should be pretty cool, I’m excited. I expect that it’s already been upstaged by Cirque, for me, though.

After that, I’m going to Velocity with Lenny. Good god today involves a lot of driving and running around. Very much not my usually rhythm in Charlotte, though interestingly it isn’t all that different from what I’m used to in Greensboro.

I spent a huge amount of money at the Home Economist, today, mostly due to the fact that I bought a hat and organic, vegan and wheat-free stuff to make cookies with. I hope they’re good, I’ve never used Oat flour before.

Oh shoot! I forgot to buy frozen fruit… oh well, I’ll try to get that done tomorrow…

I kind of what to paint more things on my truck tomorrow, I just might do that. I don’t know if I’ll have time, though, since we’ve got a Dress Rehearsal for most of the day. It depends on when we get out, I suppose.

I still can’t decide if I’m going to do the Spring dance concert next semester. I really want to, but it’s such a huge drain on my free time… something’s gotta go, I’ve gotta figure out what it’s going to be.

My parents are coming down on Saturday for the first time. I’m gonna have to change some things in my apartment around…

I went to a party last night, but I didn’t feel all that compelled to drink. I had some in a smoothie that I made and drink on my walk over to the place, but I didn’t have any more after I got there. I’m just not all that into the feeling of drunkenness anymore, it makes me feel weighed down and clumsy, both physically and mentally. If I’m going to get intoxicated, I’d much prefer a substance that heightens my functions rather then one that lowers them.



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