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Friday, December 02, 2005 December 2, 2005

Posted by johnisenglish in Journalish.

Good god. The past two days have been crazy. Not crazy in the “OMG I have so much work!!! LOL!!!11” sense, but crazy in the “Fuck. I messed that up. I’m now going to retreat into the woods” sense.

Fortunately, I did mess something up, but not irreparably so.

My Physics test. Damn. I spent an absolutely gargantuan amount of time studying for it. Over break, over the weekend, over this week, I’m sure the total time was in excess of 30 hours, if not more. I new everything forwards and backwards, up, down, left and right. I was ready for the test. I got there, was really excited to see that I was familiar with all the problems, finished quickly and left. As I walked out the door it hit me: I was solving for the problems that I was most used to, not the problems that the test was asking for. Fuck. Not that I didn’t know how to solve for the problems that the test had on it, I did, but that’s not what I saw when I looked at the problems. Did I read the questions? Not really. I just looked at the diagrams and started solved for stuff. Stupid? Yes. It’s so ironic that that’ll probably be the worst grade I get in that class, yet its on the material that I know best.

So yesterday, after the test, I seriously believed that I was going to fail the class. I search in vain for my professor afterwards, to see what his thoughts were, but I couldn’t find him. I ran the numbers again and again. If I made a 40 on that test, and an 80 on the final, which seemed like numbers pretty close to what I’d end up with, I’d get a 65. That’s a D. I need a 70 for a C. A D is an F, for all practical purposes, it doesn’t count as a passing grade. But today I did find my professor, and we had a nice talk. He told me that a 65 will be a C, and that anything over a 60 will probably be raised up to a C. I’ve heard from people who took the course with him last year who said he raised the final grades by at least 10 points, and in many cases more. So I should be okay.

If I weren’t to pass that course I’d probably have to drop my Physics major. That’d be atrocious.

Beyond that, I’m doing pretty good. I’m in a strange funk after that brush with academic death. Just like a near death experience gives one a harsh reminder of his mortality, this event forced upon me the realization that I’m not academically immortal. A scary thought, indeed. I’m starting to come down from the shock, though. Yesterday, in an effort to calm down, I biked for a while, got off my bike and explored the woods. I found some neat stuff. I cross a really wide stream on top of a narrow pipe, walking upright. It was pretty fun.

I made cookies, too. Vegan, wheat free cookies. It makes me sad that all the people who don’t eat wheat can’t eat Seitan. It’s such a great food for so many reasons.

I really like the protein smoothie stuff that I got from Robin. I put some in the cookies.

I’d normally be at the gym right now, but I decided not to go for several reasons. 1) I only got 5 hours of sleep last night, so I’m pretty tired 2) I ate like crap yesterday, so I’m tired 3) I left my H320 at my apartment, so I’d have to listen to the radio that plays in the gym, which would be terrible 4) I needed to talk to Aktas. I’m going to go tomorrow. I’m going really go at it.

Today is Gail’s last day. Damn does that suck. She’s been such a great boss. I’ve very fearful over who’s going to replace her.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen this summer. If worse comes to worse it looks like I can get a paid research position here (I was offered one on Wendsday), which would be pretty cool. It’d also give me a chance to take a class, which means I might be able to A) Get a dance minor (not gonna happen, most likely) B) lighten up my remaining course load.

I’m starting to become skeptical of my long held philosophy that taking extra classes that are easy admist a semester full of crazy intense classes helps keeps things balanced. I’m beginning to suspect that they only serve to make things more hectic, and soak up time that could be put into those harder classes. It’s a bummer.

I wish that we had a trimester schedule like some other schools. It’d be so much nicer to take fewer classes at once. I really like that aspect of summer term. If I didn’t have to take all these other classes while I was taking physics, life would be so much easier. If I had them without physics, I’d have all A’s.



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